Dan Hinz

A storyteller and YouTube Editor.

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Having Dan edit my stuff is so easy because he is just a natural storyteller. We didn’t even have that much of a learning curve. And he’s worth every penny.

Dalia Monterroso

Dan is one of the best creative minds I’ve ever worked with. I really enjoyed the perspective that he brought to storytelling. If you’re thinking about getting into video…I encourage you to work with Dan.

Rich Jones

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More Watch Time

Nothing keeps viewers watching longer than a great story. As your Producer, I'll help you create an engaging story that makes filming easier and increases watch time.

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Stunning thumbnails and intriguing titles get more viewers to click. I'll help you brainstorm and create thumbnails and titles that earn more clicks and raise your CTR.

Get Results

Improvements on all metrics can lead to compounding growth. By raising the Impressions CTR, AVD, AVP, watch time, and end screen CTR, I'll help you grow your channel.

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